[lustre-discuss] ZFS mdt

Nehring, Shane R [LAS] snehring at iastate.edu
Mon Jan 27 10:07:01 PST 2020

Hey all,

We've been running a lustre volume for a few years now and it's been
working quite well. We've been using ZFS as the backend storage and
while that's been working well I've noticed that the space usage is
a little weird on the mdt:

NAME            PROPERTY           VALUE     SOURCE
store/work-mdt  used               4.91T     -
store/work-mdt  logicalused        960G      -
store/work-mdt  referenced         4.91T     -
store/work-mdt  logicalreferenced  960G      -
store/work-mdt  compressratio      1.00x     -

Just wondering if anyone else has noticed this kind of overhead.
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