[lustre-discuss] user/group squashing

Steve Brasier steveb at stackhpc.com
Thu Mar 12 04:37:27 PDT 2020

The manual says
<http://doc.lustre.org/lustre_manual.xhtml#section_rh2_d4w_gk> that:

"(Required) Use the same user IDs (UID) and group IDs (GID) on all clients.
If use of supplemental groups is required, see Section 41.1, “User/Group
Upcall” for information about supplementary user and group cache upcall

but is that actually true if using user/group squashing? I'd have imagined
that if I have a nodemap with `squash_gid/uid=4000` then any client user
would be able to access the filesystem as long as (and only requiring)
uid/gid 4000 exists on the server (and has the right permissions in the
filesystem obviously).

Reason I'm asking is that I can't get squashing to work how I'd expect so
wondering if my mental model of what Lustre is doing is wrong. I note the
docs about identity upcalls but it seems that only relates to getting the
supplementary groups for client users, so with squashing that shouldn't be
relevant either?

thanks for any clarifications
Steve Brasier

Please note I work Tuesday to Friday.
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