[lustre-discuss] Cannot set ost.OSS.ost.thread_started

Youbiao He yh54 at iastate.edu
Tue Nov 3 08:25:04 PST 2020


I have installed lustre file system on CentOS. It works well when I write
or read files. But when I try to set the thread_started and thread_min for
oss services, I met the following problem.

To set parameters, I run: "sudo lctl set_param
then, I check the setting value by running: "lctl get_param
ost.OSS.ost.threads_started", and then it shows
"ost.OSS.ost.threads_started=21". So I can not change the parameter

Another problem is on the parameter "ost.OSS.ost.threads_min", When I set
it to 10 using lctl, and it shows the parameter is set to 8, not 10.

So I wonder if anyone met this problem before, I do not know why this

Thank you very much!
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