[lustre-discuss] failed OST recover

Sergey Zhumatiy serg at parallel.ru
Mon Nov 30 02:09:07 PST 2020

   Please, help to resolve... One ost on my lustre installation has been 
failed. It lost all fs metadatam so I couldn't mount it as lustre 
filesystem. I've checked it by e2fsck and all data was moved into 
lost+found folder. Then I moved this folder to another storage, 
re-created this ost (with old target index), then put back lost+found 

   After mount this ost lustre, I've started lfsck on mds. In several 
hours I disabled this ost, because no client can work. Then lustre 
become heathy, and I started lfs_migrate from this ost.

   But it seems, that data was not restored by lfsck and lfs_migrate 
moved a few of files and the rest is 'endpoint not connected'.

   How can I restore some data and delete unrecoverable data?

   With respect

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