[lustre-discuss] Lustre version 2.14 support for CentOS 7

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2.14 will likely build/work against centos 7.9 even though that was not the primary kernel it was tested against


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Hello there!  We have been planning to upgrade Lustre from 2.10+ to 2.14, but we encountered it supports only RHEL 8.3, SLES 15 SP2, and Ubuntu 20.04.   How about RHEL/CentOS 7?


We can see release 2.13 supports RHEL 7.7 (servers and clients) and 2.12.9 supports RHEL 7.9.  Part of this upgrade is motivated to work on a OST-to-DoM migration but this appears to be possible until 2.13.  Our desire is to use DoM to alleviate with metadata performance due to tons of small files.  We want at this point to verify if any 2.13 or 2.14 would eventually support CentOS 7.9.

Thanks in advance!

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