[lustre-discuss] OST mount issue

Degremont, Aurelien degremoa at amazon.com
Mon Apr 26 10:33:58 PDT 2021

I see that you are using dkms version of lustre module.
I would check that, it is possible that the dkms build trigger a client-only build of Lustre ? (missing deps, etc...)
Could you check the list of Lustre modules built and installed by dkms between the 2 working OSSes and the 4 others?


Le 26/04/2021 18:27, « Steve Thompson » <smt at vgersoft.com> a écrit :

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    On Mon, 26 Apr 2021, Degremont, Aurelien wrote:

    > Could you provide more debugging information, like 'rpm -qa | grep lustre' on both hosts?
    > The actual mount command, etc...
    > There must be something different, as the result is different...

    Yes, I believe that something must be different; I just cannot find it. I
    now have six OST systems. All were installed the same way; two work fine
    and four do not. The rpm list:

    # rpm -qa | grep lustre

    # the mount command example:
    # grep lustre /etc/fstab
    fs1/ost1        /mnt/fs1/ost1   lustre defaults,_netdev_  0 0

    and all are the same on all six systems. I currently have ZFS 0.8.5
    installed, but I have tried with ZFS 0.7.13, and the results are
    the same.

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