[lustre-discuss] [EXTERNAL] Elegant way to dump quota/usage database?

Kevin M. Hildebrand kevin at umd.edu
Thu Feb 11 18:53:57 PST 2021

I had the same problem.  You can collect this information on a per-OST
basis, and do the summation yourself.  If you're collecting other metrics
already, it's easy to do.  We use telegraf and grafana to harvest metrics.
On each OSS, under /proc/fs/lustre/osd-*/*-OST*/quota_slave you'll find
several files that contain the usage information (acct_group, acct_user,
acct_project), and the limit information (limit_group, limit_user,
limit_project).  The files are organized by UID.

For example:
[root at oss0 quota_slave]# cat acct_user
- id:      298441
  usage:   { inodes:                   44, kbytes:              4333438 }
- id:      0
  usage:   { inodes:                  967, kbytes:              2593032 }
- id:      304420
  usage:   { inodes:                 8517, kbytes:              4444538 }
- id:      1802
  usage:   { inodes:                   53, kbytes:          45487123504 }
- id:      354496
  usage:   { inodes:                 1096, kbytes:              1711806 }

Kevin Hildebrand
University of Maryland

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> FWIW, I've had the same need and I do exactly the brute force iteration
> you speak of for our LFS's to log user usage vs time.  For our NFS server,
> we use ZFS and there is a nice one-liner to give that info in ZFS.  I
> agree, it would be nice if there was a similar one-liner for lustre.
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> Subject: [EXTERNAL] [lustre-discuss] Elegant way to dump quota/usage
> database?
>     Hey all,
>        I would like to be able to dump the usage tracking and quota
>     information for my lustre filesystems. I am currently running lustre
> 2.12
>     lfs quota -u $user $filesystem
>     works well enough for a single user. But I have been looking for a way
>     to get that information for all users of the filesystem. So far, I
> have
>     not stumbled across anything more elegant than a brute force iteration
>     over my known users.
>     While that works (mostly), it is clearly not great. Is there a better
>     way to do this? Hoping I just missed something in the docs ...
>     Thanks in advance for any pointers in this area.
>     Best,
>     ---Steve
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