[lustre-discuss] MDS using D3710 DAS

Daniel Kobras kobras at puzzle-itc.de
Fri Feb 12 09:01:53 PST 2021


Am 12.02.21 um 06:14 schrieb Sid Young:
> Is anyone using a HPe D3710 with two HPeDL380/385 servers in a MDS HA
> Configuration? If so, is your D3710 presenting LV's to both servers at
> the same time AND are you using PCS with the Lustre PCS Resources?
> I've just received new kit and cannot get disk to present to the MDS
> servers at the same time..... :(

It's been a while, but I've seen this once with an enclosure that had
been equipped with single- instead of dual-ported drives by mistake.
Might be worthwhile to double-check the specs for your system.

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