[lustre-discuss] Elegant way to dump quota/usage database?

Iannetti, Gabriele G.Iannetti at gsi.de
Tue Feb 16 00:14:18 PST 2021

Hi Steve,

well, I have written a small script that collects Lustre quota information for groups and stores that into a MySQL database.
You can take a lot at it for getting an idea or update it for collecting the information for users if you like...


We run it daily with cron.

There are also scripts that generate reports as SVG files as you will see here:



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Hey all,

   I would like to be able to dump the usage tracking and quota
information for my lustre filesystems. I am currently running lustre 2.12

lfs quota -u $user $filesystem

works well enough for a single user. But I have been looking for a way
to get that information for all users of the filesystem. So far, I have
not stumbled across anything more elegant than a brute force iteration
over my known users.

While that works (mostly), it is clearly not great. Is there a better
way to do this? Hoping I just missed something in the docs ...

Thanks in advance for any pointers in this area.



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