[lustre-discuss] servicenode /failnode

Sid Young sid.young at gmail.com
Thu Feb 25 15:44:37 PST 2021

G'Day all,

I'm rebuilding my Lustre cluster again and in doing so I am trying to
understand the role of the --servicenode option when creating an OST. There
is an example in the doco shown as this:

[root at rh7z-oss1 system]# mkfs.lustre --ost \
>   --fsname demo \
>   --index 0 \
>   --mgsnode at tcp1 \
>   --mgsnode at tcp1 \
>   --servicenode at tcp1 \
>   --servicenode at tcp1 \
>   /dev/dm-3

But its not clear what the service node actually is.

Am I correct in saying the service nodes are the IP's of the two OSS
servers that can manage this particular OST (the HA pair)?

Sid Young
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