[lustre-discuss] Unable to mount new OST

David Cohen cdavid at physics.technion.ac.il
Mon Jul 5 08:05:21 PDT 2021

I'm using Lustre 2.10.5 and lately tried to add a new OST.
The OST was formatted with the command below, which other than the index is
the exact same one used for all the other OSTs in the system.

mkfs.lustre --reformat --mkfsoptions="-t ext4 -T huge" --ost
--fsname=local  --index=0051 --param ost.quota_type=ug
--mountfsoptions='errors=remount-ro,extents,mballoc' --mgsnode= at tcp
--mgsnode= at tc
p --mgsnode= at tcp --servicenode= at tcp
--servicenode= at tcp --servicenode= at tcp /dev/mapper/OST0051

When trying to mount the with:
mount.lustre /dev/mapper/OST0051 /Lustre/OST0051

The system stays on 100% CPU (one core) forever and the mount never
completes, not even after a week.

I tried tunefs.lustre --writeconf --erase-params on the MDS and all the
other targets, but the behaviour remains the same.

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