[lustre-discuss] non-existing client in logs

Thomas Roth t.roth at gsi.de
Thu Jul 15 03:05:48 PDT 2021

Dear all,

in the logs of our 3 MDS (Lustre 2.12.5), on NID is continously reported as missing, e.g.

 > LNet: 3571:0:(o2iblnd_cb.c:3397:kiblnd_check_conns()) Timed out tx for at o2ib5: 1 seconds

Once upon a time, there was indeed a batch node with that IP. It has been decomissioned and switched off some time last year, but still crops up in 
the logs.

Recently I managed to revive the old hardware, connect it to Lustre. The MDS recognized the node. Then I umounted, which worked without a problem.
Nevertheless, the NID keeps reappearing in the logs.

Any way to make the MDSes understand that this box is gone for good? Perhaps install a new one with the old IP?


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