[lustre-discuss] OST not being used

Alastair Basden a.g.basden at durham.ac.uk
Mon Jun 21 14:21:34 PDT 2021

Hi Megan, all,

Yes, sorry, I should have said.  Its 2.12.6.

A bit more detail.  I can set the stripe index to 0-3 and 8-191, and it 
works fine.  However, when I set the stripe index to 4-7, they all end up 
on OST 8.  It is a system with 192 OSTs and 24 OSSs.

These 4 OSTs are all served on the second NIC of the first OSS server, so 
suggests a NIC problem (HDR100).  However, the NIC appears to be fine, I 
can ping it, ssh into it, etc.

lctl dl returns the OSTs as expected.

I suspect that it has at some point been deemed to have failed, and marked 
as such.  However I can't find such a mark, and can't work how to return 
it to operation.


On Mon, 21 Jun 2021, Ms. Megan Larko via lustre-discuss wrote:

> Greetings Alastair!
> You did not indicate which version of Lustre you are using.   FYI it can be useful to aiding you in your Lustre queries.
> You show your command "lfs setstripe --stripe-index 7 myfile.dat".  The 
> Lustre Operations Manual ( https://doc.lustre.org/lustre_manual.xhtml ) 
> Section 40.1.1 "Synopsis: indicates that stripe-index starts counting at 
> zero.  My reading of the Manual indicates that starting at zero and 
> using a default stripe count of one might correctly put the file on to 
> obd index 8.  Depending upon whether or not obdidx starts at zero or 
> one, eight might possibly be the correct result.  Did you try using a 
> stripe-index of 6 to see if the resulting stripe count of one file is 
> then on obdidx 7?
> If the OST is not usable then the command "lctl dl" will indicate that 
> (as does the command you used for active OST devices.  Your info does 
> seem to indicate that the OST 7 is okay.
> Cheers,
> megan
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