[lustre-discuss] OST not being used

Ms. Megan Larko dobsonunit at gmail.com
Wed Jun 23 07:12:55 PDT 2021


Does the NIC on the OSS that serves OST 4-7 respond to an lctl ping?   You
indicated that it does respond to regular ping, ssh, etc.     I would
review my /etc/lnet.conf file for the behavior of a  NIC that times out.
Does the conf allow for asymmetrical routing?  (Is that what you wish?)  Is
there only one path to those OSTs or is there a way failover NIC address
that did not work in this even for some reason?

The Lustre Operations Manual Section 9.1 on lnetctl command shows how you
can get more info on the NIC ( lnetctl show...)

Good luck.
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