[Lustre-devel] Re-direction inodes

Nikita Danilov Nikita.Danilov at Sun.COM
Mon Jun 2 04:11:36 PDT 2008

Peter Braam writes:
 > Hi Nikita -
 > I have a need in doing an architecture for a customer of a Lustre client
 > feature to have different data/page caches associated with an inode,
 > depending on the user that accesses it.    So when a file is read, user A
 > will read different data from user B (assume the same for writes, but I
 > think this is a read-only feature).
 > I remember that in the Coda file system we could easily re-direct I/O to
 > another inode using almost standard features in the VFS/page caches.  Is
 > this still the case?  Would this work for the purpose I describe above?

I am not sure how this can be done with the VFS mechanisms. Alex pointed
out that some kind of stacked file system similar to smfs can be used
for this purpose.

 > Thanks.
 > Peter


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