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> Hi all,
> I have some questions about Lustre test configuration, would somebody help on this?  Thanks a lot.
> 1.       Seen from the test sets of Maloo, typically four nodes are used: “Client1, Client2, MDS1, OSS(includes 7 OSTs)”.
> So in a normal regression testing, we can also follow this, right?
> When four nodes are used, what value do you set for the following two variables in file cfg/local.sh:
> mdsfailover_HOST  and ostfailover_HOST

In the this configuration, I believe the failover hosts should be set to nonfailover hosts:


This will allow the recovery tests to do simulated failover by ummounting and and mounting the targets on the same node to trigger Lustre recovery.

> 2.       I see that in the PDF “Lustre 2.2 Test Plan”, these are some links introducing about the test configuration. Like the following one:
> Regression Testing
> Use auster to run automated regression tests with the following configurations.
> http://wiki.whamcloud.com/display/ENG/Auster .

>                 But we failed to access this kind of link.  Is this URL public to users outside Whamcloud?

It wasn't  (oops), but I just  moved it so it it is now accessible to everyone here:



> Thanks & Best Regards,
> Kelly Zhang(EMC)

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