[lustre-devel] HSM phase 2 HLD / Roadmap?

Patrick Farrell paf at cray.com
Tue Jun 16 08:28:53 PDT 2015


Could you expound on "Better integration with DNE"?  I'm not immediately 
clear on what that might mean.

- Patrick
On 06/16/2015 10:21 AM, Dilger, Andreas wrote:
> I think there are a few features that would be of interest for HSM
> improvement.
> * optimization of RobinHood database/POSIX copytool
> * better integration with DNE
> * partial file restore using composite files
> (http://wiki.opensfs.org/images/e/e4/LayoutEnhancementDesign_HighLevelDesig
> n.pdf)
>     * change HSM to use LOV EA layout instead of dedicated xattr
>     * allowing a larger HSM archive ID (e.g. 128-bit UUID) so it can be
>       used as the primary archive identifier instead of Lustre FID
> * archive/restore of directory trees from the MDT as tarballs
>     * allow release/restore of space from the MDT
>     * would be needed for handling Data-on-MDT files
> Note that we don't have any plans to work on this, just listing some ideas
> percolating in my brain.
> Cheers, Andreas

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