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Fri Oct 31 00:47:48 PDT 2008


I have different kernel version "2.6.9-" as it is an
virtual System, we tried building packages for this kernel & it failed, but
as per the documentation i could not see any support for this kernel listed.
It is important that we need to use 2.6.9- version of xen


On Fri, Oct 31, 2008 at 11:49 AM, Steden Klaus <Klaus.Steden at thomson.net>wrote:

> Which revision of RHEL4? There are pre-built RPMs for current versions of
> RHEL4 which can simply be installed. I believe you need only these RPMs to
> attach a client system to an existing cluster:
> lustre-1.6.2-2.6.9_55.0.2.EL_lustre.1.6.2smp
> kernel-lustre-smp-2.6.9-55.0.2.EL_lustre.1.6.2
> lustre-modules-1.6.2-2.6.9_55.0.2.EL_lustre.1.6.2smp
> Bear in mind that the version numbers are specific to the version of my
> cluster; they may vary for your cluster.
> hth,
> Klaus
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> Hi All,
> Does any one have information related to Building only lustre client for
> RHEL 4, i would like to know kernel patches list for client, which need to
> be updated.
> We have followed to steps updated in the manual to build the lustre client
> but failed while building ldisk.
> Please let know if you have any information on it.
> Thanks,
> Anil
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