[Lustre-discuss] [HPDD-discuss] Lustre and ZFS notes available

Cory Spitz spitzcor at cray.com
Thu Aug 14 09:37:29 PDT 2014

Oops, I meant to copy lwg at lists.opensfs.org (not lustre.org).

LWG, see below.


On 8/14/14, 11:34 AM, "Cory Spitz" <spitzcor at cray.com> wrote:

>Perhaps there might be a way to collect 'contrib' documents that are not
>core to Lustre with OpenSFS.  I suggest that you could make a place at
>wiki.opensfs.org for them.  I think that we can ask the
>lwg at lists.lustre.org group about it first (copied).
>LWG, can we host 'contrib' docs somewhere on the OpenSFS wiki?  Perhaps we
>should create a whole new "Documentation" sidebar to get started?
>On 8/14/14, 8:41 AM, "Scott Nolin" <scott.nolin at ssec.wisc.edu> wrote:
>>I should also add - many of those documents just don't belong in the
>>lustre manual anyway, such as monitoring JBOD arrays. But nonetheless
>>may be useful for some lustre installations.
>>On 8/14/2014 8:40 AM, Scott Nolin wrote:
>>> Hi Andrew,
>>> Much of this information is notes and not in a finished format, so it's
>>> a problem of how much time we have.
>>> The other issue is contributing to the manual is somewhat cumbersome as
>>> you have to submit patches -
>>> The bar there is a bit higher - we have to be pretty confident the
>>> information that's added is correct, know if it's just for some
>>> of lustre, and so on. As opposed to simply "here are our notes that
>>> for us".
>>> I will try to review what we have and if anything looks really
>>> or missing in the lustre manual we will attempt to issue a patch.
>>> I think in general the lustre manual is correct, but not always
>>> sufficient. I think the process does make sure incorrect stuff doesn't
>>> go in at least, but makes it hard to add information.
>>> Scott
>>> On 8/14/2014 6:13 AM, Andrew Holway wrote:
>>>> Hi Scott,
>>>> Great job! Would you consider merging with the standard Lustre docs?
>>>> https://wiki.hpdd.intel.com/display/PUB/Documentation
>>>> Thanks,
>>>> Andrew
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