[lustre-discuss] Convert a disk from lustre to ext4

Martin Hecht hecht at hlrs.de
Fri Sep 4 08:44:43 PDT 2015

Maybe, it's anyhow too late, but I have found this thread in my unread mail:

On 09/01/2015 06:38 PM, Colin Faber wrote:
> If you're just looking to reformat the drive, then just reformat the drive:
> http://linux.die.net/man/8/mkfs.ext4
It's still unclear what he actually did. Maybe he formatted as ldiskfs
and used the disk as if it were ext4?
Then, it might even be mountable as ext4, at least if the e2fstools are
Anyhow, I would recommend to backup the data (if there is anything
useful on the device already) on a different device, then  reformat the
drive and restore the files on it.

and from an earlier mail on this topic:

On 08/24/2015 08:07 PM, E.S. Rosenberg wrote:
> What's wrong with plain ext4?
> Or XFS, btrfs etc.
> If you want good support on Windows you're stuck with windows filesystems
> ((ex)FAT, NTFS), though there are tools to mount extX filesystems on
> windows they aren't all that stable as far as I know (though I haven't
> looked at that for years so things may have changed).
maybe using a NAS box which exports a file system via NFS and SMB is
what you are looking for. It's connected via ethernet, however and
Windwos can mount it as so-called Network Drive. Linux and MAC support
both, NFS and SMB more or less, depending on the version of OS.
If you go out to buy such a box, I would recommend to look for a
solution based on a RAID system. The very low-price end is based on
single disks which, might not be a good idea for long term storage. A
RAID system (excpet for RAID0) has built-in redundancy, so that disks
may fail and you still can recover the data.


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