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Hi Prakrati,

I don't believe the author of T3PIO (Robert McLay) watches this list... so in order to engage those that do watch this list, you'll probably need to provide more detail on what you've tried, and what the unexpected behavior is. Ideally reproducing the issue without T3PIO at all.

Or, if you think there is a problem with T3PIO, I suggest you email Robert directly.

Best regards,

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I am having a HDF5 code which writes multiple files of different sizes to the Lustre file system. Since I can set the Lustre stripe count and size only once before I run the code, it remains the same for all the file sizes.
I am using T3PIO library in conjunction with HDF5 to change lustre stripe settings through the code for each file that I write.
But after running the code, I am still finding all the files with the same lustre stripe settings.
Please can someone help.

Thanks and Regards,
Prakrati Agrawal

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