[lustre-discuss] lfs find to locate files with specific permissions

Shawn Hall shawn.hall at nag.com
Fri Jul 27 10:52:23 PDT 2018

Hi Megan,

Considering your recent LUG presentation on Robinhood, does this particular Lustre file system happen to have Robinhood watching over it?  I’m not sure if the rbh command line tools themselves can get at that info, but I’ve done SQL queries in the past to get at that information.  There’s some octal -> decimal translation involved, but all the information you’re talking about is in the Robinhood database.


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Greetings List!
Recently I have been looking for dirs with world write access.  I can do this on most file systems, including Lustre, with linux/POSIX "find /my/src/dir -type d -perm 777", for example.  I was going to invoke an "lfs find" on those file systems of type Lustre but I do not see a "-perm" option to the "lfs find".   Am I missing anything here?   Have I only the linux "find" for searching for permissions settings?
FYI, the Lustre file systems are 2.7.3, 2.9.0 and 2.10.4 servers with clients 2.7.3 and newer.
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